projects and places

We create Projects, We create Places.

Suggestion, conceived as a first approach to the design theme, is defined by the flow of needs and requirements inherent in the object of research itself, whether it is material or immaterial.
During the first phase of the conceptual-compositional process, suggestion plays a fundamental role. In this phase an external conditioning, not necessarily linked to the object of the research, catalyzes attention and turns it into an idea. It is a real form of indirect insinuation, in relation to a strong abstract impression stimulated and provoked by the senses. The result of this process leads to form the character and to direct the subsequent actions in the design choices, through the relevant characteristics of the element object of the suggestion. In a nutshell, the rational or irrational process of suggestion conditions the future ideative-compositional choices.
From the first suggestions, passing to a rationalization of abstract impressions, through conceptual analysis, the first design ideas arise, which constitute a central element of “making architecture”, as well as autonomous content of each architectural project.
The first ideas, although analyzed and verified, throughout the design process, are constantly put into crisis, until the achievement of a first model or a prototype. As we proceed with the complex design process, in a continuous elaboration of relationships between suggestion and analysis, from the idea we reach the development of the design object, in order to achieve the goal of converting the idea into form, architecture or design.

Each location has its own energy and uniqueness, which guides the landscape designer, the client and the gardener in the creation of the garden; a place where we can express our idea of nature, materialise a dream and combine the ideal with the real.
In the creation of the project, the guiding idea must be supported by a careful reading of the landscape, the climate and the place that will then bind the choice of the plants to be used.
Plants, well aggregated, growing and changing with the passing of the seasons, will fill some spaces and highlight others, giving colors, scents and emotions. They will give life to a moving garden.
Not gardens to amaze, but gardens able to give you the right sense of the passing of the seasons, growing of trees and blooming of flowers. To walk, to play, to think, to contemplate, to relax and get in harmony with what surrounds us, and feel happy.

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